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Stormwater Management
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Pollutant Loading from Stormwater runoff to Stony Brook Harbor



Access to Stony Brook Harbor from Cordwood Park for Recreational Activities 



On best practices for the community and Cordwood Park users

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Cordwood Path Stormwater Management Feasibility Study

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About the Project

The Town of Smithtown, in partnership with the Villages of Head of Harbor and Nissequogue and with funding provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund, are completing a Stormwater Management Feasibility Study (Feasibility Study) to develop long term strategies for stormwater management and erosion control in the Cordwood Path area.


The Feasibility Study will also identify methods to reduce pollutant loading from stormwater runoff to Stony Brook Harbor and ways to enhance access to Stony Brook Harbor from Cordwood Park for recreational activities.

This Study is just the first step in a process for future design and construction mitigation to take place.


About Cordwood Path & Park

The watershed for Cordwood Path and Cordwood Park is approximately 31.3 acres in size and dominated by low density residential land use. The watershed is characterized by steep slopes. Currently stormwater is managed via existing natural drainage channel along a section of Cordwood Path and by limited stormwater infrastructure on the Nissequogue side of the road, which are overwhelmed during significant storm events. With the limited stormwater infrastructure currently in place to properly manage runoff, significant erosion occurs in areas proximate to the roadways and in Cordwood Park causing untreated and sediment laden stormwater discharges to Stony Brook Harbor. This erosion is causing deterioration of the roadways and area wetlands/natural features and has detrimental water quality impacts.

Our goals for the Stormwater Management Feasibility Study


Water Quality Goals 

Evaluate the existing inventory of stormwater infrastructure within the watershed and investigate pollution sources and major non-point source causes of water quality impairments. Establish a prioritization of recommended improvements.

Improve water quality through the identification, control, and reduction of non-point source pollution, primarily addressing nutrients, pathogens, low dissolved oxygen associated with stormwater runoff as documented in the Priority Waterbody List for Stony Brook Harbor and West Meadow Creek.

Natural Resource Goals

Identify and eradicate invasive species along the Cordwood Path right-of-way within the stormwater improvement project areas.

Identify and protect important natural resources within the watershed.

Use Management Goals

Improve and promote passive recreational and educational opportunities at Cordwood Park.

Identify and address known issues such as stormwater erosion that leads to pollutant loading within the waterbody.


Evaluate municipal operations and establish/promote best management practices to alleviate nonpoint source pollution (i.e., roadway and stormwater maintenance, park maintenance practices, etc.)

Educational Goals 

Promote environmental stewardship to increase awareness of watershed resources by partnering and outreach with existing landowners within the watershed.


Encourage and promote an understanding and appreciation of natural environmental resources and habitats.


Improve water quality education by informing watershed residents and park users of common activities that cause water quality issues and simple solutions to reduce impacts.

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Community Participation

Contact Us

We want your input!

An important and integral part of the study is to outreach and receive community input both from members of the surrounding residential community and users of Corwood Path Park.   


We will be updating this site on a regular basis so the community can stay informed of where we are in the various phases of the study and to alert the community to various activities that are taking place at the Park. 

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and questions

Thanks for submitting!

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